Friday, April 2, 2010

A Morning Meander

woke up restless this morning; another restless morning of a restless day of a restless week. not to allow the early morning light to slip by again, I headed “down the road” with a quickly packed bag of “gadgets” and came back with ...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Strange Bed Fellows!

It's Saturday morning. I slept well and arose at 7:00 My morning plan was to lounge in bed and continue reading Shaw's, "Man and Superman." I decided to go down to my computer and check my lottery ticket first. Much to my amazement, I hadn't won! I couldn't believe it – I felt so lucky about that one!
Oh, well! I thought I'd just check a few news headlines before going back to bed. I'm not an informed citizen of the planet and it's starting to gnaw away at my conscience. On I watched a video of Afghanistan's "New Year's" celebrations...
Here you get a quick glimpse of normal people defying chaos in a brief but joyous and exuberant celebration. I find it very sad; very poignant.
{My caffeine level had become dangerously low at this time so I went to make a cup of coffee to bring to my desk and continue my digressions...}
The Middle East crisis swirls around in my head. I can't fix on the issues, the geography and the history. It seems an incredible tangle to unravel, but I tried to acquire a measure of insight on

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

With Peanut Butter – A “White” or a “Red?”

I'm too selfish with my time this week to cook for myself. I would make meals if Kyle were home but he won't be home for 4 more days. I ate horribly tonight; crackers, peanut butter, cheese, kiwis and something else I'm sure but I can't even remember now. On this crazy smorgasbord I dined with red wine by candlelight while I watched "A Farewell to Arms;" a wonderful film that wrung a few tears from me; or maybe I was just crying over my sad repast.
The film's 1920's hair and makeup styles are so old-time "vogue." They look artificial to me. That used to make it hard for me to relate to the female characters of that era; however a strong story line, artful direction and sensitive character portrayal transcend the dated style focus. The pin curl waves, pencil thin eyebrows and smouldering dark eyes were, instead, a reiteration of; and not detraction from the historical, romantic theme. I found myself susceptible to the romance of the story which might have appeared maudlin and melodramatic in the hands of less skilled artists – but such is Hemingway.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Contest Speech…

On Wednesday, March 10th, I deliver the following speech in the second level of the Toastmaster's International speech contest, having won my own club contest on February 22nd. Wish me luck!!

Salvation Through Tragedy
What is the pinnacle of every new toastmaster's goal? The achievement of their Competent Communicator designation. On September 21st of last year I was poised for that achievement. I was as nervous as a bride but I was ready – or at least I thought I was! Madame Contest Chair and most honoured judges – nothing could have prepared me for the tragedy that would shortly see my world fall apart.
With minutes to go before the meeting I turned off my cell phone and any stray thoughts of children and work, blissfully ignorant of events that had just unfolded. Then, beckoned by our president, I found myself face to face with a police officer. In a moment macabre and surreal I listened to him deliver the dreaded speech of every mother's nightmare, "your son, Kyle, has been in a car accident!" By this time, my sister, Janis, was at my side. She clutched my arm and ordered, "Kyle is ok! You have to stay calm so you can see him!" "Stay Calm".... "See Kyle" - inward hysteria, outward calm – a walking contradiction!

Monday, December 7, 2009

On Photography

My mother loves her family. Almost more than that, she loves taking photographs of her family. As our self-appointed archivist, dear mom has dogged us relentlessly with her camera at family get-togethers small and large for the past 5 decades. It's reached the point where our pupils automatically constrict to pinpoints in mom's presence in wincing expectation of the barrage of flashes we receive at birthday dinners, graduations and anniversaries. It's one of the things about which we love to groan; in a loving way that is, every time we all get together. Her passion for capturing "Kodak moments" is often followed by disbelief at the result! Tragically, mom has a tendency to chop off heads with the reliability of the guillotine during the French Revolution. The law of large numbers prevails however; and due to the sheer volume of shots taken we have ample photographic documentation of our family's history.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Price of Beauty

As the year grows old, the sun shares but miserly portions of its light and heat and the sky turns grey; not an ominous, black-grey - the harbinger of impending celestial tumult that inspires a delightful terror - but the mournful, muddled grey of a neglected canvas left for too long in the unmerciful elements. Ever in tune with nature, my shrinking soul mourns the loss of life and colour.

If we listen to our bodies they will tell us what we need. When I'm weak in body I crave red meat but when I'm depleted in spirit I crave BEAUTY. To sate my spiritual appetite I can sample from a smorgasbord of art, literature, music or poetry - within my financial means that is - which, presently, is very mean indeed!

Luckily, there is great beauty to be enjoyed for a song! Joseph Conrad's "Victory" that I borrowed from a friend's library and just finished a couple of weeks ago lifted at least 2 veils of mourning from my eyes. Public libraries are incredible sources of free entertainment; besides a book for every taste they also carry a wide array of magazines and periodicals, movies and music DVDs and all for free. I cannot understand how someone can be without a library card.